Looking for a volunteer opportunity? IIBA Edmonton Chapter has an opening for associate position. We're looking for a volunteer to occupy the position of Vice President (VP) Membership.

Position Closing Date: 1st December, 2018 


These are the operational responsibilities for the VP of Membership. 

1. Respond to any inquiries from IIBA chapter members.
2. Resolve any issues with memberships and membership payments. Coordinate with the Treasurer if payments are involved.
3. Resolve any issues with event registrations. 
4. Coordinate with VP of Communications to update the newsletter mailing list
5. Request/Receive e-mails from the Treasurer regarding new memberships to update the newsletter mailing list.
6. Review event registration list (after events are held) to find new attendees that should be inserted into the newsletter mailing list for future communications.
7. Honor requests from members to be removed from the newsletter mailing list.
8. Honor requests from members to have their information (e.g., email address) updated.
9. Raise membership related issues to the board for resolution.

This is a great opportunity to get involved with the chapter and local BA community!  Email Elaine Cairns at president@edmonton.iiba.org for details on Associate positions with the IIBA Edmonton Chapter.