IIBA Membership Harmonization


IIBA Global and Chapter Membership is combining into one IIBA Membership on May 4, 2021. That means in addition to existing benefits, you will now have access to over 120 Chapters worth of events, networking, and professional development opportunities in every time zone and numerous languages.

What does it mean for you?

Harmonized IIBA Membership will expand your access to content from all 120+ Chapters and your ability to connect and engage within the IIBA community while learning from experts from around the world.
To increase the value of IIBA Membership for those geographically far from existing Chapters, we are launching a global online community called Connections. It will be complimentary to all IIBA Members no matter your Chapter assignment.

What do you need to do?

Please ensure your Chapter selection and address are up-to-date in your profile. This will help us officially assign your Chapter when your Membership is upgraded. You will have access to all IIBA Chapter events, including their unique local events, study groups, and more! Chapter assignment is complimentary with your IIBA Membership.

Update Your Profile

For more information, please check the Membership Harmonization FAQs.