2016 IIBA Edmonton Chapter Nominations & Election

The following positions will be elected to serve for two years starting at the date of the AGM of April 27, 2016.

  •  President
  • Vice President (VP) Marketing
  • Vice President (VP) Communications
  • Vice President (VP) Education & Professional Development

Nomination & Election Process

  1. Nominations will be accepted by email to iiba_EDM_Nomination@outlook.com.
  2. The final day to accept nominations for board positions for the IIBA Edmonton Chapter will be April 19, 2016. 

    1. All candidates will be contacted as the nominations are received in order to confirm if they will stand for the nominated position.
  3. Candidates will be asked to provide a small profile. The candidate’s profiles will be put up on the IIBA Edmonton Chapter website.
  4. Candidate’s profiles will be posted on the website between April 20 and April 25, for the voting member’s information.
  5.  Voting will take place between April 20 and April 25 via emailing iiba_EDM_Nomination@outlook.com.
  6. Results will be announced at the AGM on April 27.

Nomination Rules

  1. Nominees must be a member of the IIBA International and the IIBA Edmonton Chapter.
  2. Nominators must be a member of the IIBA International and the IIBA Edmonton Chapter.
  3. The Nominator’s email must be a valid email clearly indicating the name of the sender to be confirmed against the membership list.
  4. Only the nominating committee will be able to see the nominator’s name.

For a copy of the nomination form go to the event page https://edmonton.iiba.org/event/workshop-and-agm, or If you have any questions about the IIBA Edmonton Chapter Election, please email iiba_EDM_Nomination@outlook.com.

If you have questions about the IIBA Edmonton Chapter or IIBA international, please forward questions to Kris Cottrell, IIBA Edmonton Chapter President at president@edmonton.iiba.org.

We encourage and thank you for your participation in this next step of the IIBA Edmonton Chapter.